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Toronto, Canada, 17 - 22 July 2016
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T14: How to Create User Requirements for Software

Tuesday, 19 July 2016, 09:00 - 12:30

Anna Wichansky (short bio)
Oracle, USA



The objective of this tutorial is to teach you basic methods to develop and document user requirements for new software, implementations, and upgrades. You will get hands-on practice with ISO-recommended methods to collect data from customers and articulate, document, and measure usability requirements . You will learn how to complete the Common Industry Specification for Usability - Requirements (CISU –R), using a case study example and template document. It is recommended that this course be taken before the related tutorial, How to Test Software with Users, which is also offered at HCI International 2016.

Content & Benefits:

  1. Pre-work: Read a business case study of a company acquiring software, to be distributed in advance.
  2. Introduction: objectives, key takeaways, instructor’s background, agenda
  3. What are User Requirements: definition; examples; importance in developing usable software; Levels 1- 3 of CISU-R
  4. Context of Use: ISO definition; importance in developing usable software; examples
    1. Determining User Characteristics: user profiles; personae
    2. Types of User Requirements: Physical, technological, social, cross-cultural; stakeholders; tasks & goals; usage scenarios; training
    3. How to recruit, interview, and observe users; how developers differ from users
    4. CISU-R Level 1 compliance
    5. Group Exercise 1. Brainstorming Context of Use for an Enterprise Application
  5. Usability Criteria: ISO definition; importance in developing usable software
    1. a. ISO concepts of effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction
    2. Core user performance and satisfaction criteria
    3. Goal-line metaphors
    4. CISU-R Level 2 compliance
    5. Group Exercise 2. Brainstorming Usability Criteria for an Enterprise Application
  6. Usability Test Methods: ISO definition; importance to developing usable software
    1. Common test methods
    2. Basic components of a user test
    3. CISU-R Level 3 compliance
    4. Group Exercise 3. Brainstorming Usability Test Methods for an Enterprise Application
  7. Tips & Tricks for Writing Useful User Requirements
    1. Exercise 4. Writing User Requirements Using a Modified CISU-R Template
  8. Public domain resources
  9. Questions & Answers


This course will help ensure you design the right product for the right audience in the right context of use. You will learn the same methods and techniques used by professional software implementation consultants working for large enterprises. The hands-on exercises give a “feel” for what it is like to interview real stakeholders. The instructor brings a wealth of industrial research experience to coach you through specific challenges of the real-world usability requirements gathering process. You will take away a complete CISU-R document example plus a reusable Word template at the end of the course.

Target Audience:

novice UX researchers; all levels of software designers, product managers, marketing managers, consultants, and developers

Relevant links:

Bio Sketch of Presenter:

Anna Wichansky Ph.D CPE is an applied experimental psychologist who specializes in the study of how users interact with new technology. She has an M.S. and Ph.D in human factors from Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, USA and A.B. from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA in psychology. She has researched, developed, and tested user interfaces for transportation, telecommunications, space exploration, electronic instrumentation, computer hardware, software, graphics, and media products. She has a patent for a remote control for interactive television. She worked at the U.S. Department of Transportation Research and Special Programs Administration, Bell Laboratories, Hewlett-Packard, and Silicon Graphics, where she founded the Customer Research and Usability group. At Oracle, she founded and directed the Corporate Usability Labs and the Advanced User Interface Research group. She is currently Senior Director of Applications User Experience. Anna is a Fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and director emerita of the Board of Certification of Professional Ergonomists. She is on the editorial board of the international scientific journal Ergonomics. She is a frequent presenter at HCII, ACM SIGCHI, and HFES annual meetings.

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