HCI International 2016
Toronto, Canada, 17 - 22 July 2016
The Westin Harbour Castle Hotel
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10th International Conference on Augmented Cognition

Indicative topics/keywords of the broad spectrum of issues to be addressed:

  • Human-Machine Symbiosis and Human-Machine Interface
  • Understanding Human Cognition and Behavior in Complex Tasks and Environments
  • Cognitive Modeling, Perception, Emotion and Interaction
  • Cognitive Load and Performance
  • Biotechnology and Neurotechnology
  • Electroencephalography and Brain Activity Measurement
  • Physiological Measuring and Human Performance
  • Augmented Cognition in Training and Education
  • Adaptive Learning Systems
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces
  • Rehabilitation and Cognitive Aids
Program Board

Program Chairs:

Dylan Schmorrow
SoarTech, USA

Cali Fidopiastis
United Technologies Research Center, USA

Board Members:

  • Robert Abbott, Sandia National Laboratories, United States
  • Rosario Bruno Cannavò, Università di Catania, Italy
  • David Combs,US Naval Research Laboratory, United States
  • Andrew J. Cowell, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, United States
  • Martha Crosby, University of Hawaii, United States
  • Priya Ganapathy, Utopia Compression Corporation, United States
  • Rodolphe Gentili, The University of Maryland, United States
  • Michael W. Hail, Morehead State University, United States
  • Monte Hancock, Celestech, Inc, United States
  • Ion Juvina, Wright State University, United States
  • Philip Mangos, BattlePulse Technologies, United States
  • David Martinez, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, United States
  • Santosh Mathan, Honeywell, United States
  • Chang Soo Nam, North Carolina State University, United States
  • Banu Onaral, Drexel University, United States
  • Robinson Pino, ICF International, United States
  • Lauren Reinerman-Jones, University of Central Florida, United States
  • Victoria Romero, Charles River Analytics Inc., United States
  • Jose Rouillard, University of Lille, United States
  • Amela Sadagic, NPS, MOVES Institute, United States
  • Patricia Shewokis, Drexel University, United States
  • Paula Alexandra Silva, Maynooth University, United States
  • Anna Skinner, Anthrotronix, Inc., United States
  • Robert Sottilare, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, United States
  • Ann Speed, Sandia National Laboratories, United States
  • Roy Stripling, UCLA, United States
  • Eric Vorm, Naval Aerospace Medical Institute, United States
  • Peter Walker, ONR US, United States


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