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HCI International 2009 Best Paper Award

HCI International 2009 Best Paper Award. Details in text following the image.

Best Paper Award for the HCI 2009 International, 19-24 July 2009, San Diego, California, USA

HCI International 2009 Best Paper Certificate. Details in text following the image.

Certificate for Best Paper Award of the HCI International 2009 Conference
conferred to

Catherine Stevens, Agnes Petocz
(University of Western Sydney, Australia)

for the paper entitled

"The User Knows: Considering the Cognitive Contribution of the User in the Design of Auditory Warnings"

Presented in San Diego, California, USA, 19-24 July 2009

Paper Abstract
"An experiment that investigated effects of modality, warning type, and task demand on warning recognition speed and accuracy is reported. Using the experiment as a specific example, we argue for the importance of considering the cognitive contribution of the user (viz. prior learned associations) in the warning design process. Drawing on semiotics and cognitive psychology, we highlight the indexical nature of so-called auditory icons or natural indicators and argue that the cogniser is an indispensable element in the tripartite nature of signification."

The full paper is available through SpringerLink, provided that you have proper access rights.

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